Terrella Manufacturing Technologies

Terrella Energy Systems is a manufacturing and service
company that specializes in roll embossing technology using
flexible graphite materials for application in energy and
thermal management systems. Our process has the capability
to form precise features into highly conductive material at a
very high volume and surpasses standard embossing or
molding techniques. We also provide engineering service with
a rapid turnaround and lean design approach to deliver your
design quickly during early stages of your production cycle.

Fuel Cell Plates

Embossing for your fuel cell plate prototypes, or roll embossing for your high volume manufacturing solution.

Heat Exchanger Plates

Graphite heat exchangers have the thermal conductivity of metals but are much lighter in weight.

Heat Sinks

Our embossing methods allow optimal selection of features and material for maximum heat removal in small spaces.

Waste Water Plates

Manufacturing large active area electrodes with corrosion resistant material for electrochemical water cleaning.