Terrella Energy receives support from the Government of Canada to develop graphite thermal products

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August 15, 2014, Mission, BC – Terrella Energy Systems, developer and manufacturer of low-cost graphite fuel cell and thermal products, announced today that it received additional financial support of up to $50,000 from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). Terrella Energy Systems will use this funding, as well as NRC-IRAP advisory services and technological expertise, to develop embossed graphite thermal products with special attention on improving graphite thermal performance. These improvements will be especially important for thermal interface materials used in the electronic industry.

“We continue to evolve our embossing technology so we improve graphite thermal performance through our proprietary methods. We are pleased to have NRC-IRAP support to continue this work,” said John Kenna, President of Terrella Energy Systems. “With it, we can bring together a focused team that will be directly involved with customers seeking ways to efficiently and passively cool their electronics. This includes customers in markets such as power converters, LED cooling and computer processing”.

Graphite is already used as a heat spreader in many applications familiar to us such as our cell phones and flat screen monitors. The difference we add is our ability to move heat in the ‘through plane’ direction, and not just “spreading” the heat that our competitors offer. This gives it functionality that makes it an exceptional interface material between ‘hot’ components and that competes with pastes and films that are commonly used today.

Terrella Energy is a Mission based manufacturing company that embosses graphite used in a variety of energy and thermal products. Terrella has recently advanced its research and technology to include thermal heat management products. With the increasing power density of today’s electronics, heat management has become a critical part in electronic design and cost strategy, making graphite an attractive alternative to metals and other costly cooling solutions.

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