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Protoyping and Manufacturing Services

Design Our design team can assist you with your part, or assembly, design needs. We are experienced at tuning your design to meet high production requirements for plate embossing and assembly. We use Solid Works as our model tool which provides excellent CAD interface between your models, or drawings, and our fabrication process. If you do not have CAD capability, no problem! We can supply complete design service including generating 2 and 3D models, layouts and drawings.

Prototypying We understand that a big part of your development process is the ability to quickly prototype your components and validate them before entering the market. Rapid prototype is essential to verify, not just your design, but the materials and process you selected. Our shop is tuned for rapid prototype service which includes fast tooling, speedy access to embossing equipment, fast and iterative processing control, and on-site measurement tools to quickly validate your design.

Manufacturing Our embossing manufacturing line is ready-made for low or high volume production. Depending on your product needs and quantities required, we can provide natural embossing method. We also support post operation such as sealing, coating, gluing, part assembly, and IQC service. Our lean design approach allows us to be iterative and responsive to your production requirements.

Analysis We offer computer simulation and analysis for your specific design environment. We use a variety of analytical tools such as COMSOL Multi-physics. We also construct discrete custom codes for specific applications. We have senior engineering staff with years of hands-on experience with complex and unique analysis and modeling applications. We use analytical methods to determine what works with your specific application requirements. Our analytical tools are specialized for graphite materials which is used in a wide variety of applications, including fuel cells, thermal heat sinks and heat fins applications, and in the water purification industry.