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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Terrella Energy’s roll embossing system has the speed to roll-form flexible graphite parts at a rate up to 1 to 12 meters per minute. Its rotational speed generates parts with far less cycle time than do most conventional reciprocating, or flat-embossed, presses. The ability to conveyor-feed material into the roll drum system far outweighs the complex (and usually manual) loading for flat-embossed equipment. Our embossers are capable of roll-forming complex shapes, channels or flow fields, thin web sections, and other micro-features currently used in fuel cells and thermal management devices.

About Graphite Like diamond and coal, graphite is a natural form of carbon with very unique material properties suitable for a broad range of industrial applications. Use of graphite in technology is constantly evolving due to it’s lightweight, high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to thermal shock, low thermal expansion coefficient, and corrosion resistance. While by far the widest use of graphite is still in steel making, it’s also found in high technology applications such as: Steel and Refractories Carbon Brushes Automotive Lubricants Electronics Batteries Fuel Cells

Roller Embossing Technology
Graphite can be treated through an exfoliation and expansion process to create flexible graphite. Flexible graphite can be compressed into sheets and foils for use in gasket and thermal management applications.Flexible graphite can be formed through different processes to produce the required part. The roller embossing technology developed at Terrella Energy Systems provides a high-volume, low-cost solution for forming highly densified graphite parts with embossed complex features. Due to its excellent thermal properties, these graphite products offer similar heat dissipation properties as many metals but at a reduced weight.


Our technological advantage:

  • High or low volume, low cost, manufacturing process
  • Advanced thermal + density + electrical capability
  • Complex part manufacturing

The foundation of our roll embossing process is the ability to compress flexible graphite materials, using the high compression forces exerted by the roll drums, into useable parts with embossed patterns applied to the rolling surface. This process compresses graphite into a high-density structure for the desired part. The densification determines the ability of these parts to be use in fuel cells, thermal devices, or electrical applications. The advantage of our embossing technique is to impress the subtle features into the graphite, while maintaining density, thermal, and electrical properties that are associated with graphite. Another advantage of roll embossing is that this process provides consistency in the production of the parts being repetitively rolled out, which minimizes part-to-part variation.

Depending on your application, roll embossing could provide you with a high-volume, low-cost, solution to forming complex features into graphite materials, producing high densification as well as improving thermal and electrical properties. This technological application of flexible graphite can easily be incorporated into most graphite bipolar or separator plates used today. Continuing to advance our roll-forming process of flexible graphite into complex shapes, while maintaining valuable material properties, remains a research goal for Terrella Energy. Terrella Energy can meet high-volume, low-cost demands while maintaining and advancing quality components.

Material Advantage